[Animorphs] Twelve years, and still counting~

[Animorphs] Twelve years, and still counting~

I often claim my great passion for Harry Potter and countless novels that I have read and loved dearly. But they will never ever surpass you in my heart, Animorphs.

It’s been twelve years since Animorphs ended. But I would go back and re-read them all through my life. They reinforced the ideals of my youth – Free will. Humanity. Morality. How the lines of right and wrong blurred and how complicated life could get. Those books continue to thrive in my heart and in my memories as something beautiful and wonderful and heart-wrenching. I cried when Rachel died. I cried tears of pride when the Auxiliary Animorphs made their first stand and fought their first fight. When Tobias carried Rachel’s ashes. When the Yeerk in Peregrine Falcon morph begged Ax for freedom. And countless other times throughout the series.

So thank you, Animorphs, for teaching me a lot. Thank you for nesting in my heart and in my mind. For making me laugh and cry and think and wonder.

And thank you, K.A. Applegate, you are my hero.

2 responses to “[Animorphs] Twelve years, and still counting~

  1. lần đầu tiên mình biết đến truyện này là lúc ra nhà sách chọn truyện mua về đọc, nhớ lúc ấy băn khoăn giữa Harry Potter với cuốn này (khi đó nxb Trẻ in HP và Animorphs đều ở dạng quyển nhỏ&mỏng), ấn tượng duy nhất là người hóa thú (nhìn bìa là biết lol), sau đó. . . không có sau đó, vì mình quyết định mua Harry Potter :v

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