Memorable Harry/Draco Fanfic Quotes


✲ “And for as long as you breathe, I will be your oxygen; and when you are finished breathing, I will be the kiss that closes your eyes, just as it was your kiss that first opened mine, all those moments ago. All those moments that will keep me with you, and you with me. ” —AjaEvery Second

✲ “And I would go to Hell, cursing your name so loudly you would hear it every night in your heavenly dreams, Potter, before I will ever forget how much you loved me.” —AjaEvery Second

✲  “Why do you make me feel,” he said softly, “That being hated by you would still be better than being loved by anyone else?” —AjaLove Under Will

✲ “My smile…?”

“So… so perfect. It makes me want to throw myself under a train.” —AjaLove Under Will

✲ “If you love Harry Potter, kill him… Kill him before your love dies, while it is still pure, unblemished passion–before it grows and begins to fester like a canker on the open wound of your heart. Kill him while you can, and know that yours was the purest and the truest of all the loves he knew–that he died before he could grow to despise your love. Kill him before he grows to desire another. Kill him and know that he loved only you, that he died with your name on his lips. Kill him as an act of mercy towards you both. Love him. But kill him.” —AjaLove Under Will

✲ “If you want to believe I meant that, fine. Believe I meant it, believe I’m incontrovertibly jealous of you, believe I hate you. Maybe you wouldn’t be wrong, Harry, about any of it—” Harry flinched, and Draco’s voice softened—“but don’t believe for one second that I enjoy hurting you.” —AjaLove Under Will

✲ “Do you know how hard it is to touch you, to move my hands over your back every week, week after week, and stop? When this is all over,” said Potter darkly, “I won’t. I’m going to feel you until I know every inch of you.” —AjaSeven Lines


✲ “You act like an idiot or worse, and I try to be strong but I fail like I constantly do, and I’m weak and ridiculous but there it is. You don’t even need to—I don’t even want you to let me try.” Draco was looking steadily at the stone, his voice brittle with anger as he went on: “The embarrassing truth of the matter is that I don’t… do well without you.” —MayaUnderwater Light

✲ “Doom,” Draco intoned in the background. “Anguish. Despair. Oh, my hair. I hate you, Harry Potter.” —MayaUnderwater Light

✲ “You hit me,” Draco said in outrage. “With your wand. I’m in an abusive friendship. I don’t call randomly attacking people with your wand very heroic. Call that heroic? I don’t.” —MayaUnderwater Light

✲ “I hate you, Potter,” Draco informed him. “Have I made that clear recently? I just really don’t like you at all. You are so one to talk. One day I’m going to lose it, seize your head and brush your hair properly.” —MayaUnderwater Light

✲ Your shirt’s a mess,” Harry said, letting go and touching the corner of the shirt shoulder. “What did you do, wrestle with it? Crumple it in your hands until it begged for mercy and let you put it on?”

Draco looked lofty. “It was giving me cheek. So perish all the enemies of the house of Malfoy.” —MayaUnderwater Light

✲ “I’m, er, just an ordinary boy, like every other boy. Sorry, who did you say you wanted that autograph made out to? Okay, great. You know who’re nasty? Prejudiced people! I think they should all be ostracised and then possibly killed, because, we are better than they are. Look! There’s evil! Should I alert the proper authorities? No, for I am Harry Potter, and it is my sacred duty to vanquish it! I am the bane of the powers of darkness!” —MayaUnderwater Light

✲ “Shut up. Go back to bed,” he muttered. “I thought you were mad about me. Where’s the adulation? Where’s the worship? I thought I was going to be your alabaster idol-” —MayaUnderwater Light

✲ “Harry!” Draco said, sounding irritated and ordinary. “Why on earth are you shouting, the Death Eaters might – oh.”

Harry turned away from Voldemort and saw Draco, going ashen as he took in the situation.

“On the other hand,” Draco said carefully, “I can see you’re busy. Perhaps I’ll just go away.” —MayaUnderwater Light

✲ “I do not find you amusing. I am about to perish. Have you no decency, Potter? A fallen and imprisoned enemy, bound to his bed of pain. And here you are to mock me. Shame on you.” —MayaDark Side of Light

✲ “I have been told that my voice is like sex poured onto hot waffles, though.” —MayaDark Side of Light

✲ “Kill myself? No, but I’m not sure that mouldy green is a good enough reason for me to live. Honestly, Potter, your dress sense is a weapon in the hands of the Dementors.” —MayaDark Side of Light

✲ “Oh, but you do blame me. And I blame you. And we can’t ever forgive each other, there isn’t any forgiveness, and look at you, Potter, snarling and red in the face and wanting to kill me so much you can taste it, do you feel alive now?” —MayaDark Side of Light

✲  “I am who I am and you are who you are. And it’s twisted, and wrong, and I still want you. As my one pure thing and as my whore. I want you. Do you understand now?” —MayaDark Side of Light


✲  “Tell me that you don’t care for me, Draco.” He bent to Draco’s open mouth and sucked in his bottom lip in a surprisingly gentle gesture after the struggle of a moment before. “Hold me and kiss me right now, and then tell me your heart isn’t breaking and your soul isn’t screaming for mine, just the way mine does for you. Let me kiss you and tell me that you don’t ever want to feel me do that again. If you can do that … really do that so that I believe you, then I’ll let you go and never bother you again. Because you won’t be able to Draco. Because you want me. And I want you.” —Frances PotterResolution

✲  “The stars will sing of it,” was the reply, in a whisper. “We’re immortal, you and I.” —CinnamonBeautiful World

✲ “We were lovers before we ever knew it.” —CinnamonBeneath You

✲ “Smashing idea, Harry, let’s have wild passionate sex in the snow, catch our deaths of a cold, and die of hypothermia. I think this whole proving fate wrong thing of yours is going a little far.” —CinnamonBeneath You

✲ “Anything. Kiss me, shag me, hit me, hurt me, make me bleed…” he trailed off, smirking a little. —CinnamonWindfallen

✲ “Draco,” he told her quietly, “Is the one person I would fight this war for, the one person in the world who sees me as I am and not a means to an end, a symbol of hope and faith and all that shit I stopped believing in years ago. A hero meant to lead us all to victory, to fight battles others are too afraid to fight. I would fight for him, die for him, but I know he’ll follow me because he needs me and I will not lead him into anything I cannot win and I can’t beat this. I am not meant to survive this war, we’ve both known that, you more than me. But I won’t see him die as well.” —CinnamonWindfallen

✲ “If it meant you would live? Yes. Because if I didn’t and you died, I wouldn’t want to live anyway. I don’t think you get that, Draco. I wasn’t living before you, I was barely existing and waiting for an easy way out. I… don’t ever want to fall that low again. If you died, I would die with you, or right after you.” —CinnamonWindfallen

✲ “I am nothing as simple as the darkness to your light, Potter. Nor am I some pathetic penitent seeking redemption. Remember that, for the time when you truly wish to understand me. Until then, mind your own.” —IshucaA Plague of Legends

✲ “If you were my best mate, I would walk to the lake and beg the giant squid to drown me immediately.” —MahaliemA Slytherin in Gryffindor’s Clothing

✲ “He wants you to shut up?” repeated Hermione. “I like him. Invite him in.” —MahaliemA Slytherin in Gryffindor’s Clothing

✲  “A Gryffindor will jump off a cliff,” Penelope said. Her tone suggested that it was a well-worn proverb. “A Slytherin will push someone else off. A Hufflepuff will call in five hundred other Hufflepuffs, and they’ll carve a stairway. And a Ravenclaw — ” She winked at Madeleine Aerie, who joined in with her: “A Ravenclaw will get hold of a flying carpet.” —ResonantTransfigurations

✲ “You mean all this time you’ve been thinking I was straight? My goodness, which stereotype did I miss?” —ResonantTransfigurations

✲ “You are my enemy,” Draco said quietly, “you are part of what defines me. What am I if the enmity dies?” —BerenAngels and Demons

✲ “I never dreamed until I met you, had no reason to I suppose, but my black nights were a canvas and you were the painter who filled it with light.” Darkstar,  I Never Dreamed Until I Met You

✲ “I’m sorry. So sorry for doubting you be anything else but beautiful.” LafinaThunderstorms


✲ “I’m not perfect, Granger, but I’m not who I used to be either. Trust me,” he added with a wry grin, “if you ever lose part of yourself, you’ll see the world differently too. I don’t like asking for help. I never did. I never will. But my whole life was turned upside down, and Potter, in his infuriating, heroic way, shoehorned his way in and made it … better. ” —PlumeriaDraco in Darkness

✲ “The black Mark on my arm faded to a mere shadow, and I was once again left with nothing. Nothing but Harry. In other words, I was left with everything.” —PlumeriaPurpose

✲  “Good, because if you wanted to shag me against the wall, I’m afraid I’d have to say ‘No’ because I’m not easy.” Draco thought about it for a minute while eyeing Harry speculatively. “Actually, that’s a lie. I am easy. You may commence with the shagging now.” —MahaliemA Slytherin in Gryffindor’s Clothing

✲ “Malfoy, let me explain something to you. We’re enemies. We hate each other. And there’s an unwritten rule in the enemy code of conduct that states that you are not allowed to hex your enemies with lust spells! It just isn’t done! Insult me! Berate me! Mock my parentage! But don’t make me lust for you, that’s just not fair!” —SaraTake It and Like It

✲ “I ought to hear that phrase more often. ‘Draco, you win. Draco, you’re right. Draco, your brilliance and sheer magnificence outshine the sun itself.'” —PhoenixSongEclipse

✲ “There’s a difference between power and strength Malfoy, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand.” —PhoenixSongEclipse

✲ “Never look into the eyes of the enemy,” he growled. “You might accidentally mistake him for a human being.” —PhoenixSongEclipse

✲ “You uproot me, then leave me hanging like one of Professor Sprout’s bloody Mandrakes. Now I know why they scream so loud.” —PhoenixSongEclipse

✲ “I caught you in the first place because I wanted revenge for something you did. I lost faith in everything I ever believed because of what you said. I completely changed my concept of power because of what I saw you do. I turned my back on everything I was because of who you are. And I faced my fears because you said I could.” His gaze locked with Harry’s, Draco gradually stopped shaking. His eyes were shining with sincerity. “Harry… there was always you.” —PhoenixSongEclipse

✲ “I had a reason when I was seven. I had an explanation when I was eight. I had an excuse when I was nine. I don’t have shit any more.” —PhoenixSongEclipse

✲ “Really, Harry,” Ron said. “Malfoy? This isn’t some kinky thing, is it? Does pain turn you on?” —DurendalHow Harry Potter Got His Groove Back

✲ “The Boy-Who-Lived is shagging Draco Malfoy. And will continue to do so, by the way, if he’s not so pissed off at me after I just outed him so dramatically to the Wizengamot.” —Duinn FionnA Thousand Beautiful Things

✲ “Quick, lass, he needs an antidote of heterosexuality before things go too far.” —Duinn FionnA Thousand Beautiful Things

✲ “I am no fucking Redeemed Draco,” he growled to Harry, mocking the headline before tossing the paper at him in disgust. “Can’t they get it through their thick skulls that I wasn’t evil in the first place? Why doesn’t everyone give it a rest?” —Duinn FionnA Thousand Beautiful Things

✲ “That’s not it at all. You see, I don’t like women. I’m about as gay as a man can be. I’ve never even seen pussy, and unless one of my friends has a baby under some sort of dire circumstances and I have to deliver it, I doubt I ever will.” —Emma GrantLeft My Heart


✲ “Knut for your thoughts?” Seamus said brightly. “I’ll give a Sickle for additional sordid details, and Galleon if it’s got anything to do with you, McGonagall and a bath tub, at the same place and time.” —RhysennIrresistible Poison

✲ “Are you sure you’re not on drugs, Malfoy? Because you’re hyperventilating and your eyes are dilated, kind of like Hedwig when she had a bad case of diarrhea.” —RhysennIrresistible Poison

✲ ‘I don’t know what is worse: to mourn for a love that is only the most ephemeral memory or to mourn for a love that is only too real but always out of reach.’ —Pir8fancierLettered

✲ ‘Light and dark. Give and take. You’re frowning again. Think about it. The Gryffindor teaches the Slytherin about love, and the Slytherin teaches the Gryffindor about passion.’ —Pir8fancierLettered

✲ ‘It wasn’t just about envy you know, it wasn’t just about possession. It wasn’t just desire. Only you were magic Harry, the rest were all cheap tricks.’ —Penelope ZThe Seasons

✲ “Funny, how our bodies met in a way our eyes never could. Mine were always closed, yours were always bent upwards in blind faith.” —Penelope ZYour Morpheus

✲ “What do you think love is Potter? Watching the sunrise together, raindrops on roses, butterflies in your stomach? You need to get over all those romance novels you’ve been reading recently. It’s an old scar that doesn’t leave no matter how hard you rub the skin, it’s cold wind blowing from an open window making your hair rise and your skin prickle. I don’t want to hold your hand, I don’t want to be your friend, I don’t give a damn if you are happy. I want you.” —Penelope ZThe Untold Want

✲ “I want you to be with me. I don’t want you to talk to anyone else. I don’t want you to touch anyone else. I don’t want you to dream of anyone else. Why should you, when I only dream of you?” —Penelope ZThe Untold Want

✲ “You see that boy there, the one with the messy hair and dorky glasses? He’s mine.” —S_StarMarked

✲ “With so much death, year after year, you’d think you’d start to get used to it.” He swallows. “You don’t.” —November SnowTomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

✲  “It’s a promise. Every sunrise is a promise of a new day, and a confirmation that tomorrow has come, and will come again… Sunset is a betrayal.” —November SnowTomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

✲  “I think he needs a holiday. Or a good shag.” —November SnowTomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

✲  “You’ve always been obsessed with Malfoy, Harry. That should probably tell you something.”  —FemmequixoticOnce Upon A Time, Yesterday

✲ “Here, my beloved, is the world. It is yours, and I give it to you, along with my heart.” —InferiorBeingStigmata


✲ “You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted to say that to. You know, ‘take me, I’m yours’…I am, you know. Yours.” —Olivia LupinSex in Thee Parts

✲ “I’d wait until you were no longer unarmed for our battle of wits, but then we’d be delayed for eternity.” —AmyWhat Separates Us

✲ “It’s a dangerous combination, I suppose — he has no morals and I have no fear.” —GatewaygirlSnakes and Lions

✲ “I’m pretty skeptical of friends,” Draco told him flatly. “They have this odd habit of not being there for you when you most need them.” —Mad MarthaThe Lodger

✲ “What do you think is wrong? I think there are rules against spies and heroes kissing in showers.” —WillysunnyDream Verse

✲ ‘I always broke first. I let myself break. For Harry, I would break in a second.’ —sioniann (story) saoni (art), Etchings

✲ “You’re saying you’re offended because his feet are attractive. Do you realize how gay that sounds?” —Fearless DivaTissue of Silver

✲ “… it’s only a matter of time… until the end comes. And I won’t be ready. I’ll never be ready for the end. I’ll never be ready to let you go…. You’ve cut your name in my heart, and I don’t know how to make it disappear. I don’t even know anymore whether I want it to. How can I make you stay? I’d destroy the world for you. You are my North, my South, my East and West… I’m speaking fucking poetry to you. How have you done this to me? How have you made me fall…” Ithilwen C. MalfoyDarkshines

✲ “Do you know what it’s like to love someone so deeply you can’t even *pretend* to like anybody else? Can’t even stomach the IDEA of their touch?”

✲ He waits for Weasley to throw himself onto Harry’s lowered coffin, but understands that his feet are the ones running toward the open grave. ChloeWait Till Dark and Lie with Me

✲ Your sin is beautiful; I want it to flush through me like morning. AdelaideTwine to Bind

✲ “I thought you liked me. Here I am, offering you my Adonis-like body, and you reject me. Your behavior is inexplicable.” —Cassandra ClaireSomething Impossible

✲ “You have rather poor taste in fashion, and by poor fashion taste I mean excreble fashion taste, the kind that makes you sit up straight and say, “Heavens, were I wearing that, I would thank Providence for a swift and immediate lobotomy, so that I might forget my humiliation and start life over in a world where I could only wear neutral colours.” —LetheCorrespondence

✲  “I found your romance novels, Potter. That thud you heard was me rolling around on the floor laughing at you.” —LetheCorrespondence

✲ “Potter, don’t be a child. Five-hundred points from Gryffindor for not wanting to fuck a Malfoy.” —Ivy BlossomExtracurricular

✲ ‘You don’t like boys, you don’t like girls, you love him. Everyone else is just superfluous.’ —Lady VaderFriend Like Me

✲  ‘Could you just love him for tonight? The correct answer would be No, simply because you don’t know how to love him for any shorter than forever.’ —Lady VaderFriend Like Me

✲ “Because there’s a fine line between love and hate,” his breath hitches as Harry mirrors his caresses, “and I thought we might be able to blur it.” —GracefulfoolDefinitions

✲ “Because if you died, well. Who else would I manage to bicker and have unresolved sexual tension with?” —AbaddonScenes From a Warzone


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